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Difference between kɔɔ (คอ) and lam kɔɔ (ลำคอ)

Aug 05, 2015

I see these both used, not sure about the difference between them.

Someone told me "lam kɔɔ" is more specific, but more specific to what?

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What is difference between ruu and ruujak

Mar 14, 2015

I see these used quite often and I'm not sure what they mean. Can someone explain to me?

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What does ติด literally mean?

Mar 13, 2015

I see it's used as in รถติด "traffic", but goggle shows ติด as "stick", "stuck" or "jammed". However I feel some of those translations where added on to accommodate the meaning.

Is it literally "vehicle stick" or "vehicle stuck".

Similar is: ติดยา which means "drug addict". Does that literally mean "stuck drug"?

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mix in thai

Mar 04, 2015


I think was wrong spelling in Thai phenetic.

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What is the พ์ for?

Feb 21, 2015

It seems the final character พ์ which is a "p" sound is not pronounced. Is it silent in this case?

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Does เ--ิ produce an "ei" sound?

Feb 20, 2015

I see in the phonetic there is the character "ə". Does that produce the "ei" for the characters เ--ิ which would phonetically translate to "ei"?

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Why does this word have a เ in the beginning?

Feb 20, 2015

This word is spelled oddly compared to it's pronunciation. The character เ is supposed o produce an "ee" sound. Like geeluu with no "a" at the end. But as we can see it's pronounced "glua". Are there some other special rules or is this just one of those special cases for words?

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What is the ห character for?

Feb 18, 2015

I see this ห character a lot which translates to "h" sound. But it's not pronounced or spelled in the phonetic. What is it for?

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edit thai writing

Feb 18, 2015

Mile in thai ไมล์

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correcting water

Feb 18, 2015

Water is น้ำ please correct it.

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What is difference between this "k" and the bottle "k"?

Feb 18, 2015

I see many times two letters that have the same sound and are the same cosnsonant. For instance ข and ฃ are both "k" sound and both "high consonant". So what is the difference?

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What does the symbol -็ mean above the ป character?

Feb 18, 2015

Just like the title says, when I try to translate it phonetically. You get the "bpen" sound from the characters เปน and the "rai" sound from ไร so not sure what the symbol above the ป is for. It doesn't seem like a tone character since the word does not have any tones.

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Nov 30, -0001

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Nov 30, -0001

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Nov 30, -0001

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