Meat (เนื้อ), Beef (เนื้อวัว) and Pork (เนื้อหมู) in Thai

Jun 15, 2015
You will notice the Thai language uses a lot of little shortcuts when it talks about some animals such as cow (`วัว /wua/`) or pig (`หมู /mŭu/`). Sometimes it's referring to the animal and sometimes to the type of meat. Here we will talk about some of th

The Difference Between wàt (หวัด), yen (เย็น) and năao (หนาว) in Thai

Jun 13, 2015
Another word causing confusion that we will come across early on in is the word "cold". In English it has many contexts as in temperature, illness or feeling. The Thai language has separate words for these that we will break down in this article.

Nationalities and Countries in Thai

Jun 11, 2015
In English we have a small difference when we are referring to a nationality or group of people and a country. For instance a nationality, Canadian and the country, Canada. However Thai is more simplified and does not have this separation.

Difference Between Meanings of the Word Free in Thai

May 15, 2015
The word "free" in English has a general use that can be used in a variety of situations. However in Thai there are three separate words for the word "free" that are used in different contexts. This article describes their differences and usages.

The Difference Between rúu (รู้), sâap (ทราบ) and rúu-jak (รู้จัก)

Mar 31, 2015
There are three ways to use the word "know" in the Thai language, rúu (รู้), sâap (ทราบ) and rúu-jak (รู้จัก). This article covers the differences between the three and their usages.

Introducing Lessons, Phrases and a New Design

Mar 26, 2015
In our latest release we have been working hard to introduce two imporant featrues, Lessona and Phrases. Along with these features we have also updated the design along with a lot of stability fixes.

New Reference Card for Colors

Mar 05, 2015
A new reference card has been realeased for colors. This card features a quick look up for many common colors as well as some other basic words.

LangNova Launch

Mar 03, 2015
The LangNova Alpha release is finally live. There are a few bugs and typos but it's up and ready for use. The goal of the project is to provide a learning tool for users to interact with and help each other out.